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  • We provide free home delivery throughout India with proper Packaging The Prasad is enclosed in air tight packs (Lowest density pouches, best for packing foods) which maintains its crispiness and freshness, we provide stuffs inside which prevents it from breaking & shipped in corrugated boxes.
  • We take care of all hygienic measures while packing the Prasad. Our food Handlers wear disposable hand gloves, cooking masks, hair nets/caps & all sort of practices are carried out and thereby we takes utmost care of Prasad and assure you to be the best quality.
  • customer care lines opened @9338-88-9338 Call us regarding shipping, packaging, payment or to know the difference and criteria of PRASAD and NON PRASAD pack or any queries regarding our products or services.
  • MIX PACK containing all the sweet and namkeen Prasad/Items directly from Jagannath Dham Puri,Odisha is launched as per the feedback received from our customers. Now enjoy the blissful taste of each Mahaprasad item by ordering just one single pack. This also comes with FREE SHIPPING